War Art – Darwin 1942-1943

Murch was recruited to the war effort and served as an official war artist in Darwin. The Australian War Memorial records:

“….. he was called up by the government to work at Slazenger’s Munitions Annexe at Botany on the design for the butt of the Owen gun. Three months later he was appointed an official war artist. He was paid two guineas per day, had the status of an officer without rank, and all his drawing and painting materials were supplied by the Memorial.”

Murch completed 45 works  – paintings and drawings on assignment.

Read more details of Murch’s engagement as a war artist and see his artworks at the Australian War Memorial site


The bombing of USS Peary, Darwin 19th February 1942, oil on canvas, 38 x 35cm. Museum and Art Gallery, Northern Territory.



Military Aircraft, Darwin 1942, oil on canvas 44 x 33cm. Museum and Art Gallery, Northern Territory.



Study for Two Up, Darwin 1942, pencil on paper. Museum and Art Gallery, Northern Territory.