Still Life

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There are many Murch still life works in Australian state and national galleries. See them in Collections.

The works below are from small public and private collections. Thank you to everyone who has supplied images and information.


Still Life, Lilies 1929 oil on canvas laid down on panel, 39 x 24 cm

The crooked neck squash c1936 oil on canvas 30.5 x 37 cms Private Collection

Tulips 1937 oil on canvas 41.5 x 32 cm

Window light 1948 Oil on masonite 40.6 x 46.3 cm Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide South Australian Government Grant 1955

Roses 1940’s oil on board 40.5 x 30.5 cm

Tiger lilies 1940’s oil on board

Flowers with cupid oil on board 38 x 45 cm. Private collection

Camelias late 1940’s oil on canvas board 38 x 30 cm

Azaleas c1960 oil on masonite. Private collection

Red fish c1970’s oil on board

Still life with fish c1970’s oil on board

The red fish c1970 oil on board 46 x 35 cm Murch estate

Still life with Mushrooms 1960’s oil on board 29.2 x 37 cm

Still life with red bream c1960 oil on masonite 39.5 x 55 cm

Fish and rope 1976 oil on board 29.5 x 37 cm

Still life 1960’s oil on board 29 x 49.5 cm

Crab c1975 oil on board 25 x 36 cm

Lobster 1975 oil on board 24 x 43 cm

Teaching demonstration

Still life for teaching tone zones 1970’s oil on card