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There are many Murch landscape works in Australian state and national galleries. See them in Collections.

The works below are from small public and private collections. Thank you to everyone who has supplied images and information.

Murch in his studio c1982. The painting on the easel depicts the McPherson Ranges

The Quarry 1929 oil on canvas board 29 x 39 cms Private Collection

Quarry, date unknown, oil on canvas 53.5 x 66.0 cm

The gorge 1935 oil on canvas on board 46 x 58 cm

Valley landscape with cattle oil on canvas on board 34.5 x 44.5 cm Don Mitchell collection

Adoration of the shepherds in an Australian landscape oil on board 28 x 35 cm. Don Mitchell collection

Central France 1960’s oil on board 50 x 75 cm

Road to Lismore, c1950 Watercolour on paper, 42 x 49 cm Murch estate

Willow Early 1950’s oil on board 42 x 53cms

Wind blown tree, oil on board c1957 oil on board, 67 x 77 cm Murch estate

Summer storm 1940’s or early 1950’s Oil on board 37 x 50cm Private collection

Nude in the landscape, 1920’s or 1930’s oil on board 38 x 32 cms

Landscape with cow (tree verso) 1920’s, oil on thick card 35 x 27 cm

Mountain gorge oil on canvas board 37 x 43 cm

Road to Nowra, 1957 oil on canvas, 55 x 65 cm Murch estate

Gosse’s Bluff/Tnorala, 1987 oil on board, 905 x 1805 cm Murch estate

Haast’s bluff, Macdonnell Ranges 1965 crayon on paper, 59 x 38 cm Murch estate

The Gosses Mts 1964 oil on canvas on board 50 x 78 cm

Gosse’s Bluff/Tnorala, 1933-4 oil on 2 boards 81 x 31 cm Murch estate

Mt Olga from the west 1965 University of Adelaide

The Olgas NT 1965 oil on board 43 x 68.5 cm

New England landscape, c1944 oil on board, 46 x 33 cm

North of Collaroy oil on board 32 x 40 cm. Private collection

Trees, c1970 oil on board, 52 x 44 cm

Morning Tapestry 1970’s 40 x 59 cms

Country house and tree, 1920’s oil on board, 40 x 34 cm

Wave, 1970’s oil on board 24 x 34 cm Murch estate

Angophora Study 1972 chalk, pastel, pen, 66 x 44 cms

Angophora 1970 oil on board 88.5cms x 63cms Private collection