Central Australian Landscapes

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The Gosse’s Ranges – Left panel of two panel version 1934 Oil on canvas on board Murch Estate



The Gosse’s Ranges 1934 Oil on canvas on board 36.5 x 70.1 cms Art Gallery of NSW



The Gosse’s Ranges – Two panel version 1934 Oil on canvas on board 81 31 cm Murch Estate



Inside Gosse’s Range 1934 oil on canvas 29 x 36.5 cm


Mt Liebig, 1934 Oil on canvas board 36 x 38.5 cm

Murch was lyrical about the country. He wrote: “The massive ten miles of Mount Liebig rise in abrupt vertical cliff faces 3,000 feet about the plain. It was in this setting that I met and painted the desert aborigines, the strongly featured and diverse personalities of the of the Arunta, Ngalia, and Pentu Pui people.”


Mt Sonder 1964 Crayon on paper 59 x 38 cm Murch Estate


Storm over Mount Olga 1964 oil on masonite 44.4 x 60 cm The Behan Collection, University Art Museum, St Lucia, Queensland


The Sphinx – Mt Olga 1964-5 Oil on masonite 36 x 18 cm


Hermannsburg Settlement 1965 oil on composition board 48.3 x 73.5 cm


The Gosse’s Ranges 1988 Oil on masonite 1805 x 905 cm Murch Estate