By the sea – life outdoors

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There are many Murch figurative works in Australian state and national galleries. See them in Collections.

The works below are from small public and private collections. Thank you to everyone who has supplied images and information.

The art curator, Deborah Edwards has written of Murch’s 1940’s-1960’s successful
period of painting humans in the natural world. She notes: “the heroic nature of
the subject and of motherhood, the golden shimmering light, the placement of
female idols on uninhabited beaches and the connections established with European
classicism, serve to align Murch’s vision to the recurring theme of some ‘Other Eden’
in Australian life and art.”

The fisherman’s daughter, late 1940’s oil on canvas 83 x 56 cm Murch estate

Arthur Murch painting of boys on beach

Rock Shelter 1963 Oil on board Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum

Beach group c1960 oil on board 36 x 46.5 cms

The yellow dress oil on board 35.5 x 45 cm

Avalon beachgoers 1940’s oil on board 29.5 x 37 cms

Nude on beach towel 1970’s oil on board 45 x 75.5 cm

Sun Worshipper, Thirroul Beach c1933 oil 36 x 26 cms                                                     Courtesy Leonard Cox, Muswellbrook

Surfing couple c1955 watercolour 26 x 36 cm Murch estate

Reading on the beach 1982 oil on canvas board 44 x 60 cm

Exploring the headland 1960’s oil on board 62 x 53.5 cm. Private collection

Pale sunlight 1960’s oil on board 60 x 50 cm. Private collection

On the beach oil on board 24 x 35 cm. Private collection

Girl and boy on the rocks 1950’s oil on board

The conversation 1950’s 27 x 37 cm. Courtesy Elinor Wrobel

Study for wet children 1940’s. Private collection

Mother and child by a stream 1950’s oil on board 38 x 45 cm

Sea gully 1960’s oil on board 52 x 72 cm

Figures on the rocks 1950’s watercolour 24 x 34 cm Murch estate

Beach scene – mother and children 1950’s oil on board 49 x 59 cm

Mother and son above the beach 1950’s oil on canvas 56.5 x 71 cm

Beach parade 1960’s oil on canvas 43 x 54 cm. Private collection

Beach Parade (another version)

Mother and children at the beach oil on board 59 x 49 cm

Boys by the sea 1960’s oil on board 29.5 37 cm. Private collection

The swim 1970’s

The conversation (aka The congregation) 1950’s oil on board 26 x 30 cm. Private collection

Private collection

Mother and child on beach gouache on paper 44 x 34 cm

At the beach oil on board. Private collection

Nude on beach oil on masonite 45.5 x 38.2 cm Courtesy Savill Galleries

Mother and children 1950’s oil on board 40.3 x 32.5 cm Courtesy Savill Galleries

The yellow towel c1960 oil on masonite 54.5 x 44.5 cm Courtesy Savill Galleries

Nude with red hair 1960’s or 1970’s oil on board

Mother and child at the beach late 1960’s oil on board 28 x 23 cm Murch estate

Reluctant surfer 1960’s oil on board 24 x 14.5 cm Murch estate

Mother and child on the beach 1970’s lino print paint on paper 24.5 x 32 cm Meg Stewart collection

Lino cut for Mother and child at the beach